There are a great multitude of websites  connected with Bliss information, research, famous Blisses etc. Here are some:-

The Bliss Charity School
Located in Northampton, established in 1683.

Bliss Families in America
Site run by Grace Smith, the North American Hon. Sec. of the Bliss Family History Society
Bliss Families in America

The Philip Paul Bliss Museum
Download MIDI files with music by P. P. Bliss
Philip Paul Bliss

American University of Beirut
(Links kindly supplied by Nada Sbaiti El-Zein)
Streets and buildings at AUB named after Dr. Daniel Bliss
Reminiscences of Dr. Daniel Bliss

P. P. Bliss
Writer of hymns
P. P. Bliss website

D. L. Bliss State Park, Sierra Nevada, California, USA
Bliss State Park

Sir Arthur Bliss 1891 – 1975
Master of the Queen’s Musick, UK
Sir Arthur Bliss

Fort Bliss Army Base, Texas, USA
Fort Bliss

Other prominent Blisses:

Gilbert Ames Bliss
American Mathematician & Teacher

Harry Bliss’ Biography
American Cartoonist

Michael Bliss, C.M., Ph.D. , F.R.S.C.
Order of Canada citation (1999)

Mike Bliss’ web-site
American racing car driver

William Wallace Smith Bliss
American General & President Taylor’s son-in-law

Ron Bliss
American Poet

Some other sites of general genealogical interest:

If you are considering studying your own Family History, the following link will take you to an (unrelated) website, created by a lady named Lily Jones.  Her website has been created with the sole intention of giving factual, unbiased information, in a concise form, to guide you through the various sources of information available and what they offer: 

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