The History of Stoke Bliss and Kyre Parva Manors and Church.

In 1253 Hugh de Blez held Stoke Bliss Manor from the Mortimers, Overlords of the Marches. This  branch of the de Blez family were from Gloucestershire, their main holding. Stoke Bliss meaning a subsidiary holding of the de Blez family. In 1262 he presented the rents of the township of the Hyde and the Perry to the Priory of ‘Lymebroke’ at Lingen in Herefordshire. The chapel of St Fletcher was built between the  farms of the Perry and the Hyde. The Hyde still has many features dating back to this time. So why did he make this grant to them?  There’s a clue in the dedication! The history of this township with St Fletchers chapel is included in the history of the parish.

It traces the parish history from the Saxon times to current day with the events and changes that have taken place.  A few hardbacks of the limited edition print run of 50 remain at £24, signed by the author and additional dedication can be added if requested. Paperbacks cost £14.50. The companion volume of The History of Kyre Manor and Church is £10.  It starts from the Domesday entry to current times and  includes the history of the school. Proceeds of this and the companion volume of the Kyre Magna half of the parish go to support the local churches of the current parish of Stoke Bliss and Kyre.

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